Welcome to Canal Borough of Nome!

Welcome to Canal Borough Nome - known for its variety both in nature and culture!

Nome is situated in the heart of Telemark with excellent bus and train connections to the central South eastern Norway. There are two built up areas, Ulefoss and Lunde.

Ulefoss is the municipality center with the town house, health centre, police office, pharmacy, county library, bank, community centre with sports hall and cinema/theater, several restaurants and various shops.

In Lunde you will find a bank, pharmacy, library, bookstore, restaurants, health centre and various shops. Moreover all the trains headed for the south of Norway stop at Lunde. Norway's only car manufacturer Troll  (now only found in a museum) was located at Lunde.

Today there are approximately 6700 residents in the municipality. We would love to have more!

A beautiful municipality with an exciting history
The beautiful Telemark Canal is one of the prettiest tourist attractions in Norway as it threads its way through the municipality. The canal has been of great importance to the municipality, both in modern times and in a historical perspective.

When the Telemark Canal was completed in 1892 it was known as the "eighth wonder" by Europeans. 500 men had been working 5 years tunneling their way through the mountain. When the water way was finally completed would take you in a journey of 105 km with a height difference of 72 meters from Skien to the quintessentially ‘Norwegian' small town of Dalen.  The Canal was called "Hurtigruten" or the "Rapid way" between East and West and was the main thoroughfare between Upper and Lower Telemark for people, cattle, goods and timber. The Telemark Canal also founded a part of the industrial development in Nome.

Nome is the second largest agricultural municipality in Telemark, whereas Ulefoss has long industrial traditions.

Hydroelectric power, together with the possibility of floating timber and transport goods along the Telemark Canal was important for the early industrialization in the area. In the 17th century there was excavation of iron ore from the volcanic Fensfeltet a few kilometers to the south. This founded one of the most important industrial companies in the area, Ulefoss Jærnverk or Iron Foundry. The Cappelen family today owns Ulefoss Jernverk (Ulefoss NV) and Ulefoss and Vrangfoss power plants in addition to huge areas of woods.

What can you do in Nome?
During the summer you can go by boat between the two urbanizations of Ulefoss and Lunde. Along the canal and the lake Norsjø there are beautiful places to swim, and the area is much used by boat tourists. Nome has a good climate - warm summers and cold winters - which make it possible for fine activities in the countryside.  The Norsjø Golf Park, situated by the lake Norsjø, is one of Norway's most challenging golf courses.

Or, what about a trip with a canoe in beautiful Lunde? Lakes and rivers connect our two main built up areas.

In Nome you can also see movies, eat out or visit the County Library. There are also a large number of clubs and voluntary organizations in the municipality - so there is a lot to do no matter what you prefer to do. If you can't find your special activity here we will gladly help you to get started!

Are you interested in music? Two great festivals are held in Nome. Songs by the side of the canal will provide you with a diversity of good experiences, whether you like folk songs or Rock. 

The municipality has an exciting history stretching from old industry and the ‘country house' culture of olden times to the variety of modern high technology companies and budding tourism. At the Tourist Information there is an Iron and Canal exhibition arranged from May to September. The geology of Nome has also been responsible for establishing the Gea Norwegica Geopark opening the summer of 2009.

Great place to bring up children
Nome provides a good and safe environment in which to bring up children, offering nursery facilities as well as schooling at all levels. In Nome there are 2 secondary schools. Søve School has specialized in subjects related to the use of the country side, forestry, agriculture and farming. Lunde school also covers subjects such as building and construction, electro, design and handicraft, art, health and social studies, technical and industrial studies as well as woodwork. 

Service office - quick and efficient service
Having satisfied inhabitants is an important goal for us. Dialog with them is a prerequisite for developing good services. We have a Service Office which knows the range of services offered by the Borough Council . The service Office can either help you directly or help you to find out where you can get help.

Contact Information

Telephone: 35 94 62 00
E-mail: postmottak@nome.kommune.no
Address: Service Office is located at Nome rådhus, Ringsevja 30, Ulefoss (Town Hall, ground floor).

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 09.00 - 15.00.

Schools and nurseries
Nome has separate departments for the different areas of services. Kindergarten, compulsory school and adult education are all a part of the School and Kindergarten Department. The cultural school is a part of the Culture and Business Department.

Nome has six kindergartens, and three schools. There are no private kindergartens but one private school (Helgen Motessoriskole) in the municipality. Altogether approx.870 pupils are attending the compulsory schools and 260 children are going to kindergarten.

Nome Borough Adult Education offers services to the adults in the municipality. Most of the services are rendered to refugees.

Health and social services
Health services offers various services to the residents:

Institutional services consist of General Wards, Geriatric Department, Closed Wards, Day Wards and kitchen - a total of 65,7 man years.

Home services consists of Home Help Nurses (separate departments in Lunde and Ulefoss), apartments for Mentally handicapped and service centers (Lundetunet and Ringsevja service center). Home services has a total of 128,1 man years.

Health services consists of General Practictioners, Health Sister and Midwife services, Mental Health Care, Child Care, Physiotherapy and Ergotherapy, Occupational Health.

Applying for services - you have to apply for most of the services.

The services will be assessed and provided on a needs basis. There is a form provided which must be used when applying for the majority of the services.

You cannot use this form when applying for social services or transportation services. Contact the service office to receive a special application for these services.

Payment for services - some of the services are free, while others require payment by the user. The prices for the services are partly decided by the central authorities and partly by the Borough Council Committee.

Dental care
For children in Norway up to the age of 18, dental care is provided free of charge.

There is a 25 per cent discount for 19 and 20 year-olds.

Emergency Services
• Ambulance: 113

Information for refugees and immigrants
Receival of refugees / Refugee Centre
The number of refugees who can settle down in Nome is in accordance with the agreement with UDI and Nome Borough Council.

Introduction program for refugees
The purpose of this introduction program is to help the refugees to have their own income. The content of the introduction program is put together in order to teach the refugees the Norwegian language, Norwegian society and Norwegian labour rights and conditions, in order to help them to get work or more education.

Refugee Guide
This voluntary work for a refugee who has come our country, is very important work. This is practical work, not paper work. You will receive one or two evenings of education. Such courses are arranged regularly. The most important objective is to convey knowledge of the Norwegian society and build bridges between the refugee and the local society, in order to make the integration go smoother.

Read more about Nome Red Cross - Refugee Guide.

Norwegian for adults
Nome Adult Education was established in 1992. It is situated in the former premises of Ulefoss school.

Nome Adult Education teaches Norwegian for adults. Norwegian for immigrants has been our major work during the last few years. This is mainly because the municipality runs a Governmental Refugee Centre, but also because many refugees and asylum seekers have come to the municipality. Nearly 5 % of the residents are of foreign origin when including those residing at the refugee centre...

Currently app. 50 people are attending different levels divided into 4 or 5 groups. About 1/3 have been given residents permission, but have not yet received information about where they will stay. They are therefore still living at the centre. Nome Adult Education is approved for the Language Test.

Culture and business
Culture covers culture and leisure time activities for children and youths, e.g. youth clubs, Nome cultural school, cultural and leisure time activities for people with handicaps, grants to clubs and organizations, grants to cultural institutions and museums, running culture centres and sports hall, cinema, travel, planning and completion of different projects, dissemination of culture information, coordinating Culture Tax and the culture grants to schools etc.

The area of ‘Næring' or Cultural Business involves project and strategy work connected to the development of attractions along the Telemark Canal especially and Nome in general, and the supervising of  culture and business planning in order to get more people to move to the municipality.

Plots of land and houses

Clicking the links below gives you an overview of houses for sale in Nome municipality:

Terra Eiendom

Plots of land for building
Presently there are some plots already cleared and ready for building in Nome municipality. The plots are situated in regulated areas near Lunde and Ulefoss.

If you are planning to build a house in Nome municipality, we can offer you Council regulated plots at reasonable prices. Contact person is Bjørn Lona at "teknisk etat, Nome rådhus, Ulefoss".

Clicking the links below you will find more information about geographic location and plot prices etc.

Links to plots availible

Drinking water is of high quality in Nome Municipality, and you can safely drink tap water.

Moving and change of address
At these offices, you can obtain information about the formalities involved when moving to Norway which are regulated by two national government bodies:

Bø Tax Assessment Office

The Office of the National Public Registrar 

At these offices, you can obtain information about the:

  • Moving and names Tax deduction cards
  • Tax returns
  • Inheritance and gifts
  • Value-added tax
  • Employers' contribution (social security)

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation (NAV) can help you to find work in Norway and in other EU/EEA countries through the EURES network. All EU/EEA citizens living in Norway can benefit from NAV services.

Further information
For information in English about other Norwegian government services, go to www.norway.no.
For more general information in English for new foreign residents in Norway, go to www.nyinorge.no.

Tourist information office

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